This plumber was a little rough in creating his access holes.  (And his repairs are a bit questionable)

Kit Wal 1l Kit Wall 4


But I did get it back to seamless.  And was glad the homeowner still had matching paint.

This shower was only a few years old but developed a leak largely due to its construction.  There is tile on top of the curb and that flat surface continues behind the front wall eliminating the usual flange that turns back water.  The caulking failed when the pan settled and water migrated through the wall causing this damage

1390496_229598343872335_1560224077_n     1391521_229598430538993_887397248_n

Once I looked behind the baseboard it was clear that the water was wicked up, not leaking down.  And once I opened the wall showed no actual damage as the homeowners called me early

After a patch, primer, and all new caulking it is ready for the homeowner to paint.